Monday, June 20, 2011

Tigers in the NFL Host Summer Camps

Former Tigers Jeremy Maclin and Sean Weatherspoon are hosting camps this July.

Weatherspoon's camp will be in his hometown of Jasper, Texas on July 23 at Jasper High School Fieldhouse. The mission of the camp is to empower local youth through hands-on community involvement through the presence of positive mentors, aiding academic interest and encouragement. This camp will serve as a signature event in Sean’s ‘SPOONful of Hope’ initiative which will officially launch in the fall of 2011. The goal is to teach kids effective life skills, help them overcome obstacles in their lives, and encourage them the fulfillment of academic and personal potential.

Maclin's camp will be in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Currently, in St. Louis, Jeremy has focused most of his attention on schools and charitable organizations. This year he hopes to add to that by giving more back to youth football and high school programs. His camp is his effort to do so by creating relationships with campers, coaches, and their parents. He is teaming with local businesses to grant scholarships to his camp to underprivileged youth. For more info on Maclin's camp, visit