Friday, May 20, 2011

The Pinkel Era: Five Most Memorable Games

On Tuesday, took a look at five of the most memorable games in Gary Pinkel’s Missouri career.  Today, we finish the countdown with our top five.  Again, these may not have been the five most important games, but they were the ones that jumped to the front of our minds when looking back over Pinkel’s eleven seasons.  From an impossible comeback to the end of a quarter century of frustration to the biggest Border War ever, here are our top five:

5. Missouri 38, South Carolina 31--December 30, 2005
4. Missouri 41, Nebraska 6--October 6, 2007
3. Missouri 41, Nebraska 24--October 11, 2003
2. Missouri 36, Oklahoma 27--October 23, 2010
1. Missouri 36, Kansas 28--November 24, 2007

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