Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chase Daniel's Drew Brees-like showing proves most impressive for New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints' 38-20 exhibition victory against the Houston Texans was his first appearance since he became the official King of New Orleans in February.

But the MVP on this night was another Saints quarterback, Chase Daniel, who put on a Brees-like show, to the delight of the sellout crowd of 70,025.

Brees left the game after one quarter of work and tossed the keys to the Saints' high-powered offense to Daniel, the diminutive waterbug who torpedoed the Texans for the final three quarters.

Daniel tossed touchdown passes to three receivers and directed scoring drives of 51, 83, 65 and 60 yards. But beyond the stats, he showed the kind of moxie that made him a cult hero at the University of Missouri, where he earned comparisons to Brees.

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