Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tigers in the NFL

Jeremy Maclin, #18 Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

                Sunday, 8:20


With his four NFL touchdowns, Maclin is quickly becoming a favorite to throw to for the Eagles. He travels to Chicago to play the Bears on Sunday Night Football.

Atiyyah Ellison, #99 Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills

                Sunday, 1:00


                DirecTV 706

Adding two tackles last week, Ellison and the Jaguars host the Bills on Sunday.

Ziggy Hood, #96 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

                Sunday, 1:00


                DirecTV 707

At Mizzou, the Ziggy Hood played in Arrowhead twice. The first round draft pick travels with the Steelers to take on the Chiefs just two hours from Columbia, Missouri.

C.J. Mosley, #69 Cleveland Browns @ Detroit Lions

                Sunday, 1:00


                DirecTV 705

With 12 tackles this season, Mosley and the Browns go to Motor City to meet up with the Lions.

Brad Smith, #16 New York Jets @ New England Patriots

                Sunday, 4:15


                DirecTV 715

Struggling with a recent injury, Smith will return to the field for the Jets in the East Coast against the Patriots.