Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dari Sports

Dari Sports visited Columbia, Missouri to cover Mizzou Quarterback Blaine Gabbert in sensors. The sensors have reflective markers that send off a light signal to 12 cameras that surrounded Gabbert as he threw some passes. The cameras locate where the markers are in 3-D space. The information transmitted from the markers into the cameras is then conveyed on a computer screen to show a “Robot Blaine.”

All of the information gathered breaks down Gabbert’s velocity, acceleration, range of motion, balance, movement and more. It can also calculate kinetic variables such as force. All of the forces acting on Gabbert’s arms, hips, and legs when throwing can calculate what he uses to accelerate, balance, and move for every type of throw.

Gabbert’s results revealed that he is very symmetrical and consistent in his core rotation while throwing. He rotates his trunk quicker for longer throws. The Missouri Athletic Performance Team will use the results to make Blaine Gabbert an even stronger, more balanced quarterback for the Tigers, and Mizzou will continue using this program to ensure quickness and accuracy for its athletes at every position.